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1. God is only good.


2. On the part of God, there are no irremovable obstacles to receiving everything that you need from Him.


3. Loving Christ is the only important thing in life.


4. The paradise of being loved starts here, on earth.


5. It’s better to get used to being loved, because it will always be like that.


6. Sometimes when the life seems to end, it is actually really beginning.


7. Why do you think about God in the third person, if He is standing no more than three centimetres away from you?


8. There is no God beyond love. There is no love besides God.


9. God only wants what is needed by those he loves.


10. Nothing is important in life but trying to satisfy the needs of those who are loved by God.


11. First and foremost, show mercy to those who need it the most and to those you receive from God.


12. All roads lead to sinners.


13. Jesus Christ is the only happiness that exists.


14. Who is a saint? A child once said: “A saint is a man through whom you can see God”. What can it be compared to? God is light and we are rain drops. Let’s pray for the light for us, so that others can see the rainbow…


15. People only need what Jesus Christ wants.


16. A holy man is the last person who would do anything to be subject to demoralization.


17. Praise the Lord! For God, who exists, is coming, and the joy he has in his heart is the joy in all those he has in his heart for ever and ever. Amen. For God, who exists, is coming, and the joy he has in himself is the joy in those he has in himself for ever and ever. Amen. God in the Holy Trinity, the only one – the King of the ages, God in the Holy Trinity, the only one – the King through all the ages. Amen.


18. You do not have to deserve to be loved.


19. Everyone who is beloved by God is important.


20. You can do anything you need to do now. You do not need to do anything that you cannot do now.


21. It is not important what you feel – it is important what you do.


22. Jesus did not feel almost any pleasure in the act of loving us until the end.


23. It’s not hard to be attractive and not believe. It’s not hard not to be attractive and believe. It is hard to be attractive and believe.


24. Love comes from power. Power comes from love.


25. I love and I do what I want. And I want to love, that is to do to others what they want.


26. Jesus is a person, not a bank account.


27. Everyone who wants to be happy is happy.


28. Let yourself be loved!


29. God is the most fond of man who loves.


30. If there was no evil, God would not be mercy, because he would have no one to reveal himself to. If there was no evil, there would be no God (God is mercy itself). 


31. If someone loves in 100%, but only with a 99-percent, human love, everything is possible in his eternity. But if someone loves even in 1%, but with a 100-% God’s love, there is only heaven in his eternity. That is why you need to give your whole self and your whole life to Jesus in true humility to be certainly saved.


32. The fact of the existence of evil, not evil itself, is the perfect good.


33. 14.05.05 (the eve of the Pentecost).

By sharing ourselves, we connect with each other.


34. God did not create evil. God allowed for it to appear. It had to happen and it is beautiful.


35. If you hope for purgatory, then even purgatory is uncertain.


36. If the fruits are long-lasting, but they are not eternal, they make no sense at all.


37. God is giving pleasure.


38. Love is giving pleasure.


39. The personal character of God is expressed in the personal character of man.


40. You need to want God’s will and it will come true.


41. Life is about having faith, even in the face of the lack of feeling faith, having hope even in the face of the lack of feeling hope, having love, even in the face of the lack of feeling love…


42. If I give good to Jesus, I certainly give it to people. However, if it seems to me that I give good to people, then really, I either give it to people and Jesus, or I give it only to myself. Let us love Jesus sincerely.


43. The average person has as much pleasure in life as suffering, regardless of his relationship to God. Pleasure is, among others, the feeling of “inner” peace. Suffering is, among others, the feeling of sadness and anxiety that Jesus experienced in Gethsemane. The average person has all these feelings, regardless of his relationship to God. Let us love Jesus sincerely.


44. Jesus is so beautiful!


45. Jesus, you are the most beautiful!


46. Nothing created in itself decides about someone’s salvation, testifies to someone’s salvation, nor is a guarantee of someone’s salvation. Only Christ is.


47. All real problems of the world consist of the fact that someone sometimes wants to be happier than God, and of the fact that someone sometimes wants to be less happy than God. However, only this desire comes from God, who is as happy as he is – infinitely.


48. God does not care for himself not to be hurt, but for people not to hurt him.


49. It is God who works towards people rather than people towards God.


50. Sin is not only doing evil, but also not doing good.


51. You cannot understand the earthly life without eternity.


52. The condition of the soul of a given person at a given moment is the fate of this person after death, if this death would occur at that moment, and not how this person is feeling at that moment.


53. Sin is not only doing evil, but also not doing good.


54. Man on earth can always love.


55. The truth is not 50% ugly and 50% beautiful. The truth is 100% beautiful. God is truth.


56. It is a great waste of heart to fill it with what will cease to exist…


57. Don’t be afraid to meet God’s requirements, be afraid to fail to meet them.


58. Mary is the most perfect work of God.


59. Freedom is not the same as free will. Freedom is love.


60. Two people are talking:

- Do you go to church?

- No. I am a non-practising believer.

- Oh, so just like Satan?

Because faith is not only believing in God (in the existence of God), but also believing God.


61. It is more evil to try to hurt someone with God than with a weapon.


62. For God, returning to him is the most important.


63. I have moved away from Christ, but Christ has not moved away from me.


64. Everything you keep only to yourself disappears. It does not make sense…


65. The most pleasant things of this world were created in the name of God.


66. Good is true and beautiful. Truth is beautiful and good. Beauty is good and true.


67. God also has material needs – the need of his children.


68. In a sense, I will never trust God again, because I already have trusted him.


69. God is the world’s beauty.


70. I am the future saint.


71. Unless I am mistaken, the souls of unborn children – not baptized – await a symbolic purgatory after death as a purification of the original sin, and then heaven. However, people suffer more in purgatory than on earth.


72. It is no wonder that the United States thrives so well in terms of economy, since it is well-known that there is an inscription, written with faith, ”In God we trust” on their money.


73. It is not surprising that the very words of John Paul II were so unattractive to bodies, since he spoke to the souls who, if they wanted to listen, would enjoy them…


74. Only people devoted to God have the chance to go straight to heaven after death (without purgatory), but everyone has a chance to be devoted to God…


75. The unity of Christians that will come, as promised by Jesus in the Gospel, will be the fruit of the ministry of John Paul II, to a large extent.


76. Culture, because of the beauty of works of art, which form its permanent achievements, is not a morally neutral, but a morally positive concept. Culture makes the world a better place. Especially through artistic creation.


77. In heaven there are happy and happier people, but there are no less happy people.


78. We looked at John Paul II, and we had God, the Father, dressed as John Paul II, in front of us…


79. In a sense, every sin is heavy, because each one killed Jesus Christ, and it was not easy for Him on the cross.


80. The resurrection to life is more beautiful than the cross to death.


81. The beauty of Christ’s sacrifice for us has its strength through the resurrection of Christ.


82. What is more important; money or purchase? What is more important; the cross or redemption? What is more important; suffering or pleasure? What is more important; weakness or strength? What is more important; the path or the goal? What is more important; death or life? What is more important; the passion and death of Christ or His resurrection. The church gives the answer: Easter is the biggest holiday of the year, and not the Good Friday. Sunday is the Lord’s Day, not Friday. Even the image of the Divine Mercy presents the resurrected Christ, and mercy is the greatest attribute of God.


83. Man’ salvation does not depend in 50% on God and in 50% on man. Man’s salvation depends in 100% on God and in 100% on man.


84. Don’t just trust and don’t trust the mercy, trust the God’s mercy.


85. If a material gift is needed to “be” more present, God wants to give it to you. Ask for it with your life and it will be given to you.


86. Faith is life according to what we need.


87. Entrust everything to God. Do everything with God’s power.


88. Have a lot of kindness, a lot of goodness for fellow men.


89. Nothing is impossible for God. Can God create a stone that he cannot lift? – He can. God can stop being God. God can sin. But He does not want to and never will.


90. Love is giving pleasure. Its purpose is to bring pleasure.


91. Bitter – bitterness.

Sweet – sweetness.

Angry – anger.

Kind – love.

Love means being kind.


92. The holiness of man is participation in the victory of the Divine Mercy over all evil.


93. There is no division into God, material objects – neutral, and evil. There is only God and evil. Material objects, and even man, is like a “mixture” of God and evil, which manifests itself in weakness, among others.


94. He who has been promised salvation has the right to be certain of it.


95. People who are saints in their lifetime suffer the least of all. Even if they suffer as much as others in the earthly life, they go straight to heaven after they die, omitting the purgatory, where people suffer more than on earth.


96. The more good things you ask from God, the better. Go for it


97. God is beauty.


98. God in Jesus Christ became like us in everything but the sin. God has saved many people from sin and suffering. Many people have saved God from suffering.


99. You cannot be a true believer without being truly pleasant. You cannot be truly pleasant without being a true believer.


100. Man is called to do only what he wants in his life.


101. Man is called for God to make everything he wants in his life happen.


102. Every saint is a man without whom there would be no God.


103. Everyone whom I fancy will be saved.


104. I am called to make people experience only good from me, from my whole life, which is Jesus Christ.


105. Man is called to make his whole life fully happy.


106. The greatest miracle happens to man when his entire life is fully happy, although some parts of his life would not be happy if they were the only ones that existed.


107. Anyone who spends eternity in heaven is fully happy in all his life.


108. Jesus Christ is my whole life.


109. People, among others, are divided into those who achieve happiness and those who don’t.


110. Why is there evil in the world? This cannot be justified reasonably, simply because there is no reasonable justification for the origin of what is senselessness in itself. Evil does not make sense, and therefore its genesis. Satan is the king of senselessness.


111. In a sense, even my past is perfect because it is perfectly devoted to God.


112. I do not need anything but what I already have.


113. What gives you complete, undisturbed joy, is certainly good and true.


114. Fears lie.


115. Every fear lies.


116. Beauty tells the truth.


117. Keep calm.


118. You cannot cross everything out.


119. The advantage of evil over God would be when nothing existed. The advantage of God over evil is that there is heaven and hell.


120. Do not enter into a dialogue with doubts so that it does not get worse.


121. Following what is impeccably good is a sure path.


122. The spark of Divine Mercy, which is to leave from Poland and prepare the world for the second coming of Christ, is Jesus Christ who is particularly clearly present in the world.


123. Satan can be humble, can be a believer, but cannot obey God.


124. Jesus in Gethsemane started to grieve and feel fear, and not started to grieve and be afraid.


125. He who is the smallest in the Kingdom of God is the greatest in Him. And who is the greatest in the Kingdom of God is also the greatest in Him.


126. Beware of everyone bigger than you. The most sinful people in the world are the greatest people for God. They are the greatest in His eyes. God gives them the most attention. The most holy people in the world are still the greatest for God. However, the first can stop being great for God at the moment of the Last Judgment, and the holy ones will certainly not.


127. John Paul II sits in the kingdom of God at the right hand of Mary, and Mary at the right hand of Christ.


128. Be devoted to God.


129. Let the whole you and your whole life be devoted to Jesus and you will be utterly happy.


130. What is the recipe for happiness? Jesus Christ is the whole, the only and the true recipe for full happiness in the whole earthly life and all eternity.


131. Jesus Christ is the only happiness that exists.


132. Doing nothing is the worst thing.


133. Every man is wonderful and perfect in its creation by God.


134. Some people already know on earth that they will go to heaven.


135. Pure evil means “to be”, pure “nothing”. “God is”. He said, “I am who I am”, and “I am”. Evil is nothing but shortages. Shortages of God. Only of God.


136. Saints in heaven are like parts of God.


137. God’s deity relies on the unity of the Holy Trinity.


138. The full humanity has been shown to us in Jesus Christ.


139. The full humanity of Christ consists in the full unity of Christ with His Heavenly Father in the Holy Spirit.


140. True humanity consists of the union with God.


141. In a sense, everything is fine with me and my whole life.


142. He whom God has revealed that will be saved has the right and even should be certain that he will be saved.


143. Beauty itself can be a guarantee of one’s salvation, because beauty is God.


144. Beauty is not created, because beauty is God.


145. In life, the point is that the soul of man should have the whole God, and not only be penetrated as if by the fragments of God. This is the true grace of God, of which the Scripture writes: “God’s grace is eternal”. This concerns all people devoted to God, with their whole lives.


146. What unites the Heavenly Father with the Son of God is their unity with the Holy Ghost.


147. The smallest person in the Kingdom of God will be greater than me.


148. The Heavenly Father and the Son of God are united by the Holy Spirit.


149. In fact, only God “exists”, but each of us can become his part.


150. When it comes to spirits, only evil spirits act in hell. There are good and evil spirits on earth, and only good spirits in purgatory.


151. God is heaven.


152. Jesus did not sin because he has not been created. Whoever has been created can sin. But since both Jesus was born from God and the one who is created can be born of God through conversion, human sins are not an obstacle for man, as long as he is alive on earth, to have a chance to become Jesus in heaven (according to the words of Saint Sister Faustina: “Jesus, turn me into yourself, because you can do anything”). Jesus’ sin would mean something different, precisely because, unlike people, Jesus was not created. These human sins are a suffering of the soul that God has combined with the suffering of Christ. This is salvation.


153. In a sense, everything is fine.


154. Although the saints in heaven are, as if, parts of God, their identity is not obliterated there.


155. Mary is God’s heart in heaven.


156. John Paul II taught that every simple “coincidence” is not really a coincidence but a sign from God. (“Simple coincidences do not exist in the plans of the Divine Providence”)


157. Every part of the Holy Spirit is the whole Holy Spirit.


158. The individual fragments of reality are not perfect in themselves, but the reality as a whole is perfect.


159. If your body takes the Holy Communion, your soul should do it as well.


160. Every material object is simply a “fragment” of God, which is not the whole God. It cannot guarantee salvation in itself.


161. God is alive because he is all perfect, even despite his “fragments”, but only those which are not his whole, are not perfect.


162. A saint is a man who has God in his soul and not only some of his power. God, when he enters into the soul, never leaves it. Such a man in the time of death passes from earth straight into heaven – omitting purgatory. This is the grace of God that lasts forever.


163. God can even bless my past.


164. Try only for the whole God in your life. The whole God is the beauty of the world, the beauty of wealth, the beauty of fame, the beauty of male-female love and the beauty of other things. In addition, the whole God is the whole beauty of the Kingdom of God. If, on the other hand, you would only try for the gifts of God – the “fragments” of God, not constituting His whole, sooner or later you would lose them all.


165. God shows that the father-son relationship is of the greatest importance, then marriage, then parental, then fraternal and then apostolic. (A woman can of course participate in each of them in some way).


166. The Holy Spirit is the “half” of the Heavenly Father and the “half” of the Son of God, but knows the whole Heavenly Father and the whole Son of God, because he, as if, derives the “information” about the other “half” from the first equal half, which is Himself.


167. God’s revelation to the world, included in the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments, is like God’s painting of a beautiful picture, whose beauty is God himself. On the other hand, the world is like a man who looks at this picture. When he sees it all, he will be delighted. This admiration is salvation, and the Kingdom of God is like joy in admiring the beauty of this image – God.


168. Physics teaches that each action involves a reaction. This can be used for comparing the fact that the divine revelation described in the Bible is marked in the history of the world, starting from the beginning of the “post-biblical” time to the end of the world. It is characterized by signs that I read more and more…


169. Why is there evil in the world? IT’s as if the boy who is standing next to a beautiful girl only saw her nose and asked: -“Why don’t I feel the attraction? They say that when a boy is standing next to a beautiful girl, he feels the attraction.” The weak world is only a part of reality, which is all perfect. It is God.


170. God is the whole reality. Heaven is the whole reality. Pure evil is pure “nothing”. Even the condemned evil spirits, or possible people, are as if “fragments” of the Heavenly Father or the Son of God, but without the Holy Spirit – not having the whole God in them, as opposed to angels in heaven and saints, whose salvation consists in the fact that they have the whole God in heaven (and they are in God…)


171. Celine Dion’s song “The Power Of The Dream” teaches us, among others, that if you have a pure heart, whatever you believe, it is true, because if you have a pure heart you believe in what you need.


172. Something can be annoying, but let it not upset us. Anger is always bad.


173. In the life of a man devoted to God, loving God, all enemies in the form of hostile situations, are eventually defeated by God.


174. Evil is a relative term, so you can also accept that evil does not exist.


175. People cannot find the cause of evil because this cause does not exist.


176. Each joy on earth is a reaction to a particularly clear, though not full, image of God. In heaven, man rejoices with the full image of God.


177. The joy of man never deceives him to his disadvantage. Sometimes, it can “deceive him in his favour.”


178. My life is perfect because Jesus Christ is my life and He is perfect…


179. Suffering is for the pleasures that come after suffering could be enjoyed more by man, rather than bore him and not bring him happiness.


180. God wants to give you everything you want, unless what you want is not good for you, but in that case, God wants to give you something more than this thing; something you would want more than it, if you thought about it with a pure heart. If you have a heart that is pure enough, God will give you everything…


181. “Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned”, does not only mean: do not cross people out, but also: try to see good in everyone and everything in order to emphasize it.


182. I was dead and now I am alive. I did not dream about come back to life. I could not dream – I was dead. Christ himself brought me to life…


183. Everything that is not everything is bad, but there is nothing but everything. Everything as a whole is good.


184. God needs our happiness because He loves us.


185. God exists.


186. Evil spirits aim at people’s weaknesses. A mental illness is a weakening of the mind that does not function properly. Therefore, it is a place of evil spirits, which feed only on the mind, and not the human heart (spiritual). Therefore, man keeps his innocence in it. Mental illnesses are mainly depressive thoughts, false beliefs (delusions), irritability, rage, withdrawal from the environment, discouragement, mental enslavement (excessive thinking), haughtiness of mania and many other similar symptoms, so typical for the fruits of evil spirits. However, God cooperates with those who love Him in everything for their good.


187. Jesus is beauty in itself. Following Jesus means following beauty in itself. Following beauty in itself means following Jesus, even if you have never heard His name…


188. The heart is the abode of desires. If God sits on the throne of your heart, protect your heart so that it is not wounded. Then, also God will not be wounded in it, but He will be strong, and He will respond to your desires with power, satisfying them…


189. There is a thanksgiving prayer, there is a worshiping prayer, there is a begging prayer, there is one more prayer: the prayer of trust. For example: “Jesus, You hear my voice, You lead me, You love me, You will never leave me, You will give me joy in this life and accept me into heaven”.


190. In a sense, I regret many things: every sin, every evil I have committed. However, these are fragments of my life, while my life as a whole is perfect – it is Jesus Christ – in this sense, I regret nothing.


191. After death, only people who are completely satisfied with their lives in physical and mental terms, and who have the Holy Spirit in their soul can go straight to heaven (omitting purgatory).


192. To ever go to heaven after death, you need to appeal, on earth, for salvation, to God’s Mercy who is Jesus Christ.


193. Each “part” of the Holy Spirit is the whole Holy Spirit. This is the law of nature of the Holy Spirit, in a sense just like the earthly laws of physics. It is thanks to this that there are three divine persons, but only one God. The Holy Spirit is as if the “half” of  the Heavenly Father, as well as the Holy Spirit is the “half” of the Son of God. In view of the above law of nature of the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son are unified in the Holy Spirit. This is illustrated by the diagram below. Both parts take place simultaneously.


194. Man’s happiness is one thing. It is an earthly and eternal happiness.


195. If God sits on the throne of your heart, you will achieve everything you want, provided that what you dream about will not cause you any loss that you would eventually regret in your life. And that does not mean a spiritual loss, but a mental and physical one.


196. As far as I know, the “missing links” of evolution are only on the path of the family tree that leads to the creation of man (Homo sapiens), starting from the appearance of life on earth (no one knows what was the first trace of life). They are found on every branch in the direction of man. It seems to me very likely that these “missing links” are the finger of God, who in a supernatural way, as if he was particularly interfering with evolution, making “course corrections” in it, leading it to the set goal. This theory would reconcile scientists and believers, would answer the question: “Does man come from an ape?” – “Man comes from God who created him, but there was an ape before man”… I also think that dinosaurs were “removed” from earth by God using, e.g., a meteorite, to make room for man whom He will fancy more…


197. Sadness is the fruit of an evil spirit, but it does not have to be caused by a person experiencing it (harassed by evil). Sadness never tells the whole truth. The whole truth never causes sadness.


198. Joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. If joy “deceives” us, it is because the Holy Spirit’s action on us is mixed with the action of the evil spirit. However, the very action of the Holy Spirit in this situation causes us joy and a greater one than that one. Joy, as it is always the fruit of the Holy Spirit, always tells the truth – only, if it is the fruit of the Holy Spirit alone or distorted, but really just a “less exposed” one, and therefore always less joyful (when it is the fruit of the mixed influence of the Holy Spirit and the evil spirit).


199. You see mostly the present, and God sees your whole life. He knows better what you need.


200. Always choose what you think is the most beautiful according to you and you will not go astray.


201. If you were to despair, the smallest good (Yours) that could stop you from this despair is what you can definitely count on, and God wants to give you so much more.


202. The Heavenly Father is particularly present in the cross of Christ.


203. Once I tried to come up with the mistakes I make, in the name of alleged humility, and I referred to good as evil …


204. The cross of Christ is the symbol of the Heavenly Father. The unity of Christ with His Cross is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. In this way, the crucifix is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, the symbol of God, the symbol of love between the Heavenly Father and the Son of God, in the Holy Spirit.


205. The cross is not suffering. Being nailed to the cross is suffering, carrying the cross is suffering. The cross is a tree. The Holy Cross is the tree of life.


206. Believing in God means entrusting your faith to God, counting in Him, becoming dependent on Him, and placing your hope with Him.


207. What is the greatest happiness that gives you most joy is at the same time the most achievable.


208. The sign of God is when there is a unity of two divergent, equivalent individualities.


209. Happiness is not endorphins. Happiness is God.


210. The divinity is that the Heavenly Father and the Son of God share all the differences there can be, provided they are differences between two equivalent features. The equivalence of these features is the Holy Spirit who in this way forms the unity of God in the Holy Trinity.


211. Two people are talking:

- Are you a believer?

- Yes.

- So you believe God?

- I do not “believe God”, I “believe in God”.

- So you believe in the existence of God?

- Yes.

- Well, the existence of God does not provide salvation. If you condemn yourself, God would still exist. Only the proper action of God in your life can provide salvation…


212. I cannot imagine a more beautiful life than the one I have.


213. In a marriage between a man and a woman (in love) includes the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Marriage is a miracle in resemblance to God in the Holy Trinity.


214. One of the earthly laws is that water boils at a temperature of 100 degrees C. Faith would argue with science if it said that on earth water boils at the temperature of 100 degrees C. However, faith does not argue with science if it says that in addition (not instead of) the earthly laws, there are other “higher” laws. The laws of heaven, the laws of love, the laws of God’s power. The laws that often interfere with the world.


215. Sadness is a disruption in the reception of truth. These can be spiritual disruptions – in the soul, or only mental – in the mind. If they are disruptions only in the mind, they are always overcome in the end.


216. Freedom in not free will. Freedom is love. Freedom is having free will. So freedom is having a loving will. A man whose will is only evil does not have free will.


217. The entirely “pure” evil does not exist, because the entirely “pure” evil “is” “nothing”. “If nothingness existed, it wouldn’t be nothingness”.


218. We need failures so that God can give us more and more. After a failure, a little bit of grace is not enough for a man as consolation, because he had suffered a lot of pain and needs a lot of consolation. That is why God sends him a greater grace. Therefore, without this failure, such a man would enjoy more of the same grace. The joy of it would take more space in the heart, leaving less space for joy from other graces. And so, failures, as if make more space in our hearts for joy due to graces. Thus God can give us them more (and bigger).


219. Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and life” [J 14,6], and not: “I am the way and the truth, and death”. So the truth is life, and not death. In our falls towards death, both in the soul and in the mind, as well as in the body, there is more lie, and in our rise towards life, also in the soul, the mind and the body, there is more “truth”.


220. What is suffering for – e.g. hunger? To answer this question, let us ask: When does a meal taste better – when we barely eat it because we are full, or when we have not eaten for many hours or days? God cares about the taste for us – the taste of life – the real life the eternal life.


221. You do not always know what God wants to give you, but He always wants to be generous. He wants you to be completely happy, in your whole life…


222. If it is bitter and hard for you, then it is the doing of the evil spirit. The yoke of Jesus “is sweet, and […] the burden is light” [Mt 11,30]. And there is no truth in evil spirits, nor in their action.


223. The God’s mercy gives us the plenitude of graces.


224. With God, being the whole reality, is like with a beautiful picture. As a whole – it is beautiful and perfect. However, if we looked only at its small fragment – e.g. a black spot of paint, we would see ugliness, imperfection. Such “spots” are just evil elements of reality – evil because without reference to the whole. The world is also such an element, because the entire reality is made up of, apart from the world: purgatory, heaven, hell. Only the whole reality is perfectly beautiful, but heaven is also perfectly beautiful, because heaven is the beauty of this “picture”, and not just this picture.


225. God’s power is an infinite value, and suffering itself is of no value.


226. Every man has either a fully successful life or a fully unsuccessful life.


227. There is no reason to sadden.


228. Every humiliation, every disgrace,

each failure – it’s all not harmful at all

in the life of those who spend eternity in heaven.


229. In the life of a man who spends eternity in heaven, everything is beautiful and what is particularly beautiful is what is ugly in human terms, even sins, which are transformed into graces thanks to the work of God’s mercy.


230. The soul is the dwelling of the body, and not the “body is the dwelling of the soul” If the soul is happy, the body is also finally happy, while if the body is in anguish, it doesn’t mean, that the soul is finally in anguish.


231. How beautiful heaven must be, since Jesus, knowing it, has devoted so much to bring people there.


232. God does not like hell, but God likes the fact that hell exists.


233. Often, in human terms, it seems that God does not exist, but this is part of His wonderful plan of salvation that God does not force people to believe against their will.


234. What does God like doing most? – Show mercy.


235. God most loves showing mercy. Let’s benefit from this.


236. Good deeds – indeed – are not a payment for our salvation, which is accomplished through faith in Jesus Christ, but they express this faith which would be dead without them.


237. Our good deeds will show that we are believers and that Jesus Christ will mediate for us with his Father at the judgment, but our deeds are not the payment for salvation, nor is our faith, but the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity; torment, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


238. Whoever really seeks God will also find a man. Whoever really seeks man, will also find God.


239. God has never withdrawn from the good that He promised. It happened that he withdrew from the evil he promised.


240. God fulfils all the requests we sincerely ask of Him, if they are requests for what is ultimately good for our salvation, but salvation not only of our soul, but also the body along with the mind. God wants to give everyone the complete redemption from our life in physical and mental terms.


241. Brawls after football matches are related to the masculinity of this sport, with testosterone, although football itself is also beautiful as art. The need for good, morality, real values, so that these brawls do not happen and the tragedies caused by them, just as these values are needed in other life matters of man, such as family, politics, work. The world is weak, defective in its nature tainted with sin, it has spots, just like football. We need love, good, beauty, truth; we need God to purify this world. Nature itself, without God’s proper action, would lead to the animalization of a man. While with God we can achieve the perfection of humanity, as the one achieved by Jesus, Mary, John Paul II, or other saints...


242. Accepting yourself means looking at yourself, at tour advantages and weaknesses, at your successes and problems through the prism of victory over these problems – victory through the power of the resurrection of Christ, which is the victory of Christ over His weaknesses of passion, death and humiliation. We need to believe in victory, however without these weaknesses it would be impossible, just as the resurrection of Christ would be impossible without his suffering and death.


243. If someone dedicates everything to God, his earthly life may not seem to differ from the earthly life of someone who does not dedicate anything to God, while in eternity the difference can be so great that the human mind is unable to comprehend that greatness in favour of who is devoted to God.


244. If, at the crossroads, you cannot decide which way to go, think whether it is not possible to follow both paths at once, in some miraculous way.


245. God – love, is the source of eternal love, but also the source of earthly love. Talking to someone only about this earthly love, supporting it with deeds, we can attract him to the source – to God. This is important in the evangelization of lay people who may not wish to be in contact with religious content. This should be respected. When we help someone find a stream of water – something “earthly”, “secular”, this person may be encouraged to search for the source of something “religious”, “eternal”, but may also remain indifferent. This should be respected.


246. The difference between the pleasure of life on earth and the pleasure of life in heaven is like the difference between licking your lips when seeing a delicious cream cake with fruit seen behind the glass, and finally getting into this cake and eating it with taste. Only that heaven is far more infinitely pleasant...


247. I will never lose anything.


248. I will never be lossy.


250. Heaven is nothing more than eternal life, and I already live this life now. I will not die forever – I mean – I will never commit a mortal sin again. I already enjoy heaven here on earth...


251. Jesus Christ has the grace to fulfil all his plans, and so we are called to this grace – the grace of pure plans that can be fulfilled.


252. If someone really wants heaven, he will not have any irremovable obstacles to achieve it...


253. Being a free man means being a “prisoner” in Christ.


254. The Almighty God can really solve your problem, no matter how big, how terrible, how insolvable it may seem to you.


255. I am a prisoner in Christ; I cannot harm myself anymore – Halleluiah!


256. Why does God not make miracles “once and for all”? Why can many gifts of God be so easily explained with the laws of physics, biology, logic – omitting the “finger of God”? Well, God wants to lead us to his kingdom through love and not forcing us to believe in miracles. “Love converts”, as John Paul II used to say. The faith of many people began with unselfish love for the poor, suffering, needy...


257. Earthly life is a time of trial, whether we are suited for the Kingdom or not. Let us hope we are...


258. God will solve all my problems.


259. Sometimes something is beautiful because it contains a contrast – bright elements are contrasted with the dark ones. If they were not contrasted, the whole would not be so beautiful. It is the same with reality – if evil did not exist, beauty and goodness would not exist...


260. Some people think that they do not need God, because their life without Him seems to be quite alright. Of course, the earthly life of a true believer and non-believer may not seem to differ, but the earthly life is not what is ultimately important, but life after death is, and the difference there is enormous – does it contribute to the eternal good fruit started on earth, or in eternal, rotten fruit. Let us spread the good...


261. My whole life is more beautiful than how I imagine it.


262. The old age of a man is the “death of a grain” before the yield, which has to be heaven...


263. Each sin is worse than “crime against humanity”. It is a crime against God...


264. Many people find it difficult to believe in the existence of God, because the world makes an impression that it is revolving on its own. A number of phenomena in nature, in biology, in technology can be explained by the laws of physics and chemistry. They think God does not exist because they do not see His supernatural power, which seems impossible to them, contrary to these natural laws. It may be helpful for them to think that this is an action intended by God, who in some way hides from people and runs the world seemingly as if it revolved on its own. God does so for a very simple and logical reason: He wants man to achieve faith in Him and salvation, not being forced to do so by seeing divine power with his own eyes, but to achieve it through the love shown by his own good, selfless and unforced will. So the earthly world is a place of a camouflaged trial, checking which people really fit to live in heaven being a reality of love, in which you can see God face to face.


265. If someone thinks that one can be so entangled in sin that he has no chance of improvement, he does not appreciate the Divine Mercy...


266. I can list all my problems that come to my mind. Each of them will eventually be solved by God. Praise the Lord!


267. There is never too much joy.


268. If a gift would give us great, temporary joy, but it would not be for us, it would not be for us because it gave us too much joy. Not receiving this gift would give us a greater joy, perhaps more diluted in time, than the one accumulated in a moment, but combined with the not foreseen sadness...


269. God can make it possible that we have to face only the suffering that we want.


270. Dedicating every problem to God’s mercy we can count on it to be sweeter and easier...


271. God is so genius that he can change something that is the ugliest in the world, i.e. death into something most beautiful, i.e. the entrance gate to Heaven. He can do so and does so for so many people...


272. The love of Jesus means, among others, that even if someone hurt Him, even if someone killed Him, Jesus can look at this person with love, respect, emotion, without any resentment. He does not see a monster in a man, only a poor, sweet, wounded child whom He only wants to show compassion and care, merciful love, true forgiveness.


273. Already now, living on earth, I am a citizen of heaven.


274. I have everything I need because God gives me himself and He is everything I need.


275. God feed me, not the world. If the world fed me, I would be afraid that I would die of hunger, but God feeds me.


276. What is the meaning of life? – The meaning of life is giving pleasure.


277. God wants to give you everything that you ask of Him, provided that what you ask of Him is not an insult to the cause of you reaching your full joy.


278. If you are faithful to God, God will fulfil all your prayers.


279. Giving pleasure is the meaning of life. Give people as much pleasure as possible, give them as much good as you can. Go for it.


280. Indeed, I will experience more suffering here on earth, but it will be a suffering that will be good for me.


281. There is not freedom without love. There is no love without freedom.


282. There is no justice without freedom. There is no freedom without justice.


283. Resurrection is an inherent element of the mystery of the Holy Cross…


284. How much can be accomplished after sin, through repentance, regret, and a strong resolve to improve; through conversion. Often much more than just being honest, faithful…


285. I am a prisoner in Christ. I cannot hurt myself…


286. Some say: “Everything good ends one day”. Well, what is the most important and the best in life – the eternal life never ends. God never ends; what is the whole sense of human life lasts forever. God’s body, which we eat during the Eucharist, which we can touch here on earth is eternal and will never end. (The psalmist says: “God’s grace lasts forever” […])


287. Reality as a whole is perfect.


288. Perfect humanity cannot do without (divine) supernatural power.


289. The truth itself is behind the full joy.


290. God is joy, not sadness. To believe God is to believe in joy.


291. Every man is called for God to do everything in his live, whatever the man desires.


292. I am a citizen of heaven on the earthly pilgrimage.


293. For every saint, every problem has its end.


294. Evil is sometimes very useful, because goodness shines even more against it.


295. Jesus never torments, Jesus is the truth, so truth never torments.


296. The closer to the truth, the closer to joy.


297. Joy is the goal, because heaven is the goal, and heaven is joy.


298. This is a beautiful call from the Litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: “Heart of Jesus, the source of all consolation, have mercy on us”. God who is the truth is the source of all consolation.


299. If you have been freed to the greater fruits of the Holy Spirit, know that the truth has done this and “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control are the fruit of the spirit.”

[Ga 5,22].


300. If you have been given the fruit of the Holy Spirit, know that it has been done thanks to the truth. (“Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control are the fruit of the spirit.” [Ga 5,22]).


301. Love is giving pleasure. Give as much pleasure as possible for as many people as possible. Go for it…


302. Suffering in the service of love is, in other words, an exceptional effort in the service of love; abundance, intensity of efforts.


303. Jesus Christ gave his whole life for us, i.e. His love for us is total, infinite. Infinity is an indispensable condition of true love, because even the longest pleasure experienced by man as the fruit of God’s love, if it were not eternal, like heaven, would mean nothing (would not bring happiness) because it would eventually end.


304. God wants to arrange our life so that it would be full of joy.


305. The truth does not torment.


306. Mercy complements justice. Justice complements mercy.


307. God applies supernatural correction on physics, mathematics and matter in the lives of saints towards fulfilment and joy – unlike in the case of the goods of this world, on which the “correction” is applied by evil.


308. I will resurrect from every demise.


309. You can resurrect from any demise – thanks to Jesus Christ.


310. Each of my demise is a harbinger of the unique joy of resurrection from this demise.


311. There is not love beyond Jesus Christ. Beyond love, there is no Jesus Christ.


312. Whoever carries the Cross of Christ, carries God himself – to people…


313. The future is more important than the past.


314. True happiness never ends.


315. God is not far from man, because God is a man himself.


316. There is no true love apart from Jesus Christ.


317. Humanity without divinity would not be true humanity, just as divinity without humanity would not be a true divinity.


318. Heaven is more than pleasure. It is love.


319. My death does not bother me, since there is resurrection.


320. Everything is perfect for me. Someone will say: “But you have a sin”. I will answer: “Of course, but Jesus has erased my sin on the Cross."…


321. Do not worry!


322. A hedonist is a person who thinks that happiness is pleasure. A Christian is a person who believes that happiness is giving pleasure.


323. No matter what you have done in the past, as long as you are alive you can achieve complete fulfilment – thanks to God …


324. At any moment of your life on earth, no matter what situation you are in, it is possible to truly say: "I have no reason to be worried". "For nothing is impossible for God" [Luke 1:37]


325. There is no reason to worry.


326. Faith is born of love.


327. No man truly devoted to God regrets being devoted to God.


328. In fact, there is no risk in Christianity; every deed in accordance with the God’s will is profitable, and every deed incompatible with the God’s will is an act that one finally regrets…


329. Allow only those thoughts that help you not to worry.


330. If something is evil, it is not related to God.


331. The whole truth is joy.


332. The way humans think: give a little to get a little, and God thinks: give the whole life to get the whole life.


333. God exists. God still exists.


334. For the saints, the whole fun takes place after death, but this “after death” starts here in the earthly life…


335. Suffering is for us to have a special occasion to love – with love that is great, also because it is priced.


336. I love to help, to show mercy, to love. This is full happiness for me. I do not need anything more. It will be like that always.


337. No evil is harmful to me.


338. No evil is harmful to me, because I will be saved from evil.


339. A man who gets to heaven becomes the one who contributes to the salvation of all who will be saved. This is due to the connection with the Saviour – Jesus Christ.


340. The truth does not fill with fear. Each fear comes from a lie.


341. If you are truly devoted to God, you live eternal life and when a desire arises in you, then you are sure that this desire will be fulfilled, even if it does not happen right away…


342. The greatest mercy that a person can accomplish is to participate in the mercy of Jesus Christ.


343. Life is not a fairy tale? Christ is the life and He is the beauty itself – like a fairy tale…


344. A man who does not achieve sanctity does not achieve anything.


345. If a thought torments you, it means that there is a lie in it.


346. God removes all the consequences of all my sins from my whole life…


347. Only what is divine is really good. It can be something human, if it is found in Christ, who is a man – God…


348. Faith is born of love.


349. There is no happiness without eternal happiness.


350. Smile is the name of Christ.


351. For God, solving all problems is a “piece of cake”. You just need faith…


352. If a thought is inseparable from anxiety, it is not entirely true.


353. The greatness of man depends primarily on the greatness of mercy that this person leaves behind...


354. It does not matter what you feel now, it is important what you will feel in eternity. May you feel God; love, happiness, joy, peace, beauty, fulfilment.


355. Everything negative in the mind is a disturbance in the reception of truth.


356. Every evil of our life, as long as we live on earth, can be transformed by God into goodness…


357. I do not say: “Love is pleasure.” I say: “Love is giving pleasure"…


358. The truth is not only what is “spiritual”. Jesus is the truth, and He is also a body…


359. God likes to hide sometimes so that there is even more joy when you “see” Him again.


360. There is no love besides Jesus Christ. There is no Jesus Christ beyond love.


361. I have sinned. I have done something worse than a crime against humanity. I have committed a crime against God. He is my only salvation.


362. Worrying is deceitful.


363. Man on earth does not always feel joy, but can always rejoice in the attitude – have a positive attitude towards God, his neighbour and himself, even when he does not feel good. This is the greatest love.


364. There are always reasons to be joyful.


365. Among the blessed people, saints, evil is a harbinger of good.


366. God never ends.


367. The transformation of evil into good is the best. But sometimes burning evil is also something good.


368. In terms of good will, go for it…


369. Rejoice! And if you do not feel joy now, do not worry – rejoice in the attitude for the good of others, and joy will come and the fruit of this attitude of joy for others will also come - "Who sow in tears, reap in joy". [Ps 126:5]


370. If you can see that you have experienced the Divine Mercy, let it not be a benefit just for you, but let your neighbours benefit from it as well.


371. It does not matter what you feel – it does not matter what you feel now, but it is important what you will feel in eternity.


372. Even if many people were condemned, God has nothing to do with this condemnation…


373. Jesus is very good. He has prepared only what is good.


374. God is love. Only God is love.


375. It is easy to live with goodness. The question is, do you want to? Please, do…


376 The truth is on the side of goodness.


377. Jesus has never hurt me and never would.


378. We will all bow to Jesus. We will all admit he was right whether we listen to Him or not on earth. Let’s hope that admitting Jesus was right also means we are right…


379. Even if the behaviour of a man really pleases Jesus, still leading this man to heaven cost Jesus His Passion and Death on the Cross – just as much as the redemption of the greatest sinners…


380. All the surprises in my life are a surprise with the Divine Mercy that goodness gives me, even when these are difficult surprises…


381. The Mercy of God is particularly abundant in places filled with poverty and misery in my life.


382. God is the solution to all my problems – the bigger the problem, the greater the joy of its solution.


383. God’s love is focused around the sinner.


384. Striving to feel happy does not always mean striving for happiness. Happiness is when you have eternal life, which is Jesus Christ.


385. A great blessing + great poverty and misery = great fruit for mankind – for eternity.


386. If you smile during difficulties; you rejoice despite the fact that you do not feel joy – i.e. you are trying to rejoice with the attitude – the joy felt will come. ("Who sow in tears reap in joy." [Ps 126:5])


387. Jesus Christ is love in the purest form.


388. The cross often increases love.


389. Humility is when we do not get anything more from life and the moment we live through than what we need.


389. Live faith is a faith that is completely in the hands of God, and He himself assures that it is great and persevering as God wishes it to be the most. Live faith never stops, because it has God’s love in it, which is the eternal life of a person who has this faith…


390. If God takes something from the blessed, holy man, it is only to give him something better. And God gives this “better” thing in place of every weakness of such a person – truly devoted to Divine Mercy…


391. Reaching salvation does not only mean not killing Christ in your life, but rather if you killed Him, is to come around; regret it; not to kill Him anymore, because it was wrong, and through this conversion, receive the resurrected Christ who comes and says in forgiveness: “Peace be with you” [Lk 24,36]


392. God has a special insight into joy.


393. It is often the case that the more the receiving of a gift from God is delayed, the more joy you will feel when this gift is finally received – precisely because you have been waiting for it so long…


394. A man who will spend eternity in heaven in each second of his life can say: “I’m fine”, and this is true, no matter what kind of suffering he may experience…


395. If you are troubled, it means that you lack some knowledge. If you knew something that is true, you would not worry…


396. The more it seems to me that I lose something good, the more God strengthens this good in me.


397. The greatest miracle that happened in the entire history of the world (the Resurrection of Jesus Christ) happened in a grave – a place that is usually the most miserable, stinking and marked by death. It is a consolation for me in the context of my misery…


398. What is the most important in life? What is the most important in the world? The most important thing is to give pleasure. However, this is only possible in Jesus Christ. Beyond him, it may seem that you give pleasure, but you really do more suffering than pleasure. And in Him – the other way round – it may seem that you give suffering, while you really give more pleasure…


399. God is “crazy” about you! (He loves you so much…)


400. We need failures, but only in the human sense. If we have eternal life, then in the overall view, there is no failure.


401. There is no live faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ to life, without a live faith in one’s own resurrection to life – with the power of God…


402. God shows exceptional magnanimity not only when he gives pleasure to someone with his power, but also when He allows suffering to his beloved child, because He knows that it is better for the future of this child. It is a great courage of God and love at the price of the cross…


403. On earth, God has the form of Bread…


404. Forgiveness of Jesus is far from using the words “I forgive you”. Jesus uses the following words more: “Thank you. You meant well. I understand you”…


405. In a sense, faith in the truth about the existence of God is simple: Absolute, because omnipotent, Absolute, because omniscient, Absolute, because entirely good, Absolute, because infinitely great, Absolute, because infinitely powerful, Absolute, because immaculately beautiful, Absolute, because infinitely beautiful, Absolute, because perfectly beautiful, Absolute, because infinitely pleasant, Absolute, because infinitely intelligent, Absolute, because infinitely wise, Absolute, because infinitely merciful, Absolute, because love…


406. In the life of a blessed person, as illustrated by the example of Jesus, sometimes the work of God taken by this person is lost, in human terms, but with the power of God, which caused the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his passion and death, this work is victorious – in God’s and human terms, because Christ is both God and man…


407. There is no greater freedom than being a prisoner in Christ and there is no other ultimate freedom than being a prisoner in Christ.


408. Achieving unity in diversity is the miracle of the Holy Spirit.


409. Whatever happens in my life will be what is the best for me according to the Divine Mercy.


410. The closeness to Jesus makes that I show repentance willingly, generously and without fear…


411. It is strange, but often when I say to myself: “I will suffer” (participating in the mystery of the Cross of Christ), a smile appears on my face.


412. There are no bad signs. The signs can only come from God, and God is good. Evil spirits use superstitions that are false. You should not listen to them. God’s signs give you peace and joy. They carry the truth that makes you free, and evil spirits try to enslave you…


413. The beauty of humanity is that sometimes even the man most filled with evil is converted.


414. The greatest pride is to try to place yourself in the place of God, instead of Him, and the greatest humility is to try to come closer to God, to be as close to Him as possible…


415. I am not afraid of failing in human terms, because Jesus eventually erases all of these failures; turns them into graces…


416. Love connects.


417. For a man who has God on the throne of his heart, the Kingdom of God, which is among us, is closer to the depths of this man’s heart than the earthly world, and this Kingdom of God blesses this man eternally…


418. There is nothing missing from this world.


419. The only thing Jesus wants to take from a man are problems…


420. The cross of Christ makes sense of the earthly suffering.


421. A weakness of a given situation is not an obstacle for God if He wants to make a situation to be perfect. E.g. someone can see the inscription “sin” on the box of a gift he received. This distressed man prays to God with the words: “Lord, I give you this weakness”. And suddenly it turns out that in the inscription “sinceraly”, letters “ceraly” have been accidentally covered by a white tape, and it turns out that inside there is something worthy, and not “sin”. In a similar way, God often manifests His mercy to people.


422. In a sense, everything is good, because everything as a whole is good.


423. To forgive sins – this is the mission of Jesus, which is sweet for him.


424. The word of God is not a word that merely teaches and transmits some knowledge. This is a word that solves problems.


425. The fulfilment of what a person devoted to God desires is not entirely restricted by earthly rights, but it goes beyond them.


426. You have to act well.


427. The man exists to be loved.


428. Love is especially expressed in the fact that the Holy Church is a community.


429. Everything as a whole is perfect; the whole reality is perfect, because God is the whole reality.


430. With love, you have God, with God, you have everything, because God is everything.


431. Even the most difficult situation of a man here on hearth does not close his path to live in full joy.


432. Happiness is only in goodness, besides goodness there is no happiness.


433. Being a prisoner in Christ in the greatest freedom.


434. God fulfils the law, but in a living way – in a living way, but it God fulfils the law.


435. The only real freedom is being a prisoner in Christ.


436. Beyond love, there is no Jesus Christ, beyond Jesus Christ, there is no love.


437. The meaning of life is not just to please yourself. The winner is the one who has made a selfless effort for the goodness of others.


438. I rejoice because the truth is joyful.


439. Go to Jesus.


440. It does not matter what you feel, it matters what you do. We will not be judged from our feelings but our deeds.


441. God is most present in mercy.


442. Go to Jesus Christ.


443. The whole mystery of my life is the mere Divine Mercy.


444. My love is just a spark, but this spark is God itself.


445. Jesus loves me and looks after me. He will not let anyone hurt me.


446. Humility means accepting the love of God.




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